Sunday, 9 March 2008


I dragged Martin down to the allotment this morning, he finished laying the path and I dug in some onion seeds. The peas have been given some moral support so hopefully they might start popping up. I'm hoping for some decent weather this week as I would like to get some potatoes in which will involve digging my next bed.

Saturday, 8 March 2008

Need Motivation

I went to the allotment for all of 10 minutes this morning, I just couldn't get motivated. There are no peas sprouting and everything needs doing so I just felt totally overwhelmed.

Hopefully tomorrow will be sunny, I'd like to go up there and build a composter and perhaps make a start on building a shed!

Saturday, 1 March 2008


I popped down to the allotment this morning to check on my peas and there was nothing, not even a little green shoot sprouting up. Perhaps I should have grown the seeds inside and then planted out, it is a source of constant concern.

I took a couple of pictures, one of Martin's beautifully laid path (yet to be swept) and one of the pea tipi.

I then gave the peas a little pep talk and came home.

'Go Team Peas!'

Monday, 25 February 2008


When I went out to the car this morning I had to scrape ice off. Normally this wouldn't bother me, but today my thoughts were on my seeds and whether I should take a blanket to the allotment. At this point I try and remind myself that having plants as children is more crazy than having pets as children.

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Getting Started

I was on the waiting list for an allotment for months and was thrilled when I finally got a call to say there was one available for me. Experiencing my usual poverty ridden state, I was concerned that I couldn't afford it but was thrilled to discover it was only £15 a year! So, I signed up, got a key and then went to check it out. My first thought was, "bloody hell, it's huge!" The council had rotovated it so it was fairly clear.

I was really overwhelmed by the size of the allotment and tried to make a start on it, however things came to a stand still following me crashing my motorbike. While this meant my allotment went uncared for for months and the local council threatened to evict me, it did give me time to consider how to manage the huge space I had!

When I returned to the allotment I started by splitting the area into sections; there are 3 16'x18' beds and a fourth (the same size) which is divided into a further 4 beds.

I started by digging over the first bed, it was pretty back breaking but it felt great to have it done. I then shovelled about 10 wheelbarrow's worth of manure on to the top. I left it for a week or so and then returned to dig the bed over again.

I had a big bit of luck a couple of weeks ago when a couple about to dump a load of paving slabs offered them to me for free! I laid basic paths between the beds which were very wonky.

I returned today with Martin who lifted the slabs and dug them in properly. It's starting to look great. I spent the time today digging and raking the central area of my first bed, laid some mesh and then fixed in a bamboo tipi. Around it I planted podding peas and watered them in. I was ridiculously excited by the whole thing!

I managed to pop into the garden centre on the way home and chatted up the man who sells sheds, hopefully they will call me soon with news of an old shed that I can dismantle and relocate on my allotment.